Monday, July 09, 2007

Birthday treat!!

As promised I was taken to the seaside for my birthday treat. Didn't know where exactly, I left that up to Paul. There were two very excited girls in the back of the car, with swimming cossies packed.

We had got as far as Guisborough, by lunch time. And somehow we managed to find ourselves outside the Levens craft shop. a patchwork paridise!!! stacked with beautiful fabrics of every colour. Paul rolled his eyes and bit his tounge, then let me carry on. By chance there was a knitting cafe in progress, so had to pop my head around the corner, I even knew one of the knitters, Sheila, so had a chat for a while, I could easily have sat down and joined in, but knew the rest of the family wouldn't be impressed.
Had something to eat in the little bistro over the road then set off again in search of the sea.

and here is the first glimpse of the sea!!

And this is where we ended up, Runswick bay, where Paul spent many of his holidays as a child.

The best thing is that it's off the beaten track, and uncomercialised apart from a small cafe and bucket and spade shop. The girls had eyes for only one thing though!!

The sun kept coming out from behind the clouds, and it was so beautiful what better way to spend a birthday??

Back up through the village then on to Whitby for our tea!!

( had to put up a wonky one for old times sake)

7th of the 7th of the7th

A very special Birthday!

Not sure who was more excited about opening my presies me or the girls! this is what was in them....

What isn't shown are the rubber car mats from Pauls typically practical parents (they are already in my car!!), they did also give me a voucher for the day spa at Broom mill, all I have to do is choose a treatment,( the chocolate body wrap sounded tempting!!).

Infact there seemed to be a bit of a chocolate theme going on, chocolatey bath products and yummy chocolates (already eaten!!)

My mum sent me a hand bound note book covered in felted shetland knitting (chocolate coloured!!)

The postman arrived with a parcel (always exciting). Inside was a beautiful felted crochet bag from Carrie-Anne, and she had also made a bound book with so many different patterened pages, including photos from Shetland. How am I going to use this, without spoiling it? Thanks Carrie.

Well I was going to tell you about my Birthday trip to the beach, but as it is 1am you will have to wait for my next blog.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Fruit and the loom!

My second blog of the week!! and I've been busy.

While at woolfest,I started spinning with baby camel/silk fibres, as some of you may remember.

I chose it mainly because I liked the colour, and the idea of making something out of baby camel fibre, but it has inspired me all 27g's of it. It spun so fine and the handful of fibres seemed to go on for ages.

I decided to make a small sample using a weaving pattern from my newly purchased 'Lace weave' book. I was aware that if I used the yarn as a single ply it would slightly distort the finished fabric, so I wanted to try this out.

Thursday morning the sun was shining,and I felt the need to be out in the fresh air(having been house bound all week) so I went to the allotment. I had to hack through the weeds but I was delighted to find my red currant bush was full of fruit (muffin bush season is over!!!) and took home 5lbs of fruit.

which I made into Red currant and rosemary jelly
Then made little hats for them!!!
As I was doing this I was also finishing of my woven sample, which ended up being long enough for a scarf, I was so pleased with it, the lace weave created a delicate fabric with a beautiful drape, it shows off the soft shine of the hand spun yarn.
What a productive week!!!!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Wool fest stash.

Here we are again, Back from wool fest. And this is what I found..... Not a Knitting yarn in sight!!! Only fibres, which means I have a lot of work to be keeping me busy.

I was brave and with the help of Kath picked out some raw fleeces, a beautiful moorit shetland, a bluefaced leicester, and a ryeland. I couldn't resist the angora rabbits so had to get some fibres from them, some raspberry ripple tussah silk, some angelina fibres for mixing, baby camel and silk(which I'm spinning at the moment)and some raw Gotland fibres.

I have seen the wheel of my dreams....a majacraft....oooh. But I need to be saving my pennies, and my old faithful traditional is still going strong, especially with the new parts I bought it.
A good time was had by all. and it was so good to meet up with good friends, old and new. I just need a year to recover!!!