Friday, April 06, 2007

Rat poo

This made us giggle yesterday, while we were in Reeth. Look closely at the writing on the blue stripe..... Not only 'Experts in bathroom & kitchen logistics', but also 'Experts in Rat Poo & itche Log Tics!!!!'

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Good Reeth

Had a great family trip out to Reeth today, home of the Sunters!!!

We had our lunch in one of the many tea shops kids were being very grown up, (Maisy really enjoyed her chocolate milk).oops i didn't turn it around, and it won't let me change it.

Went to the Reeth museum very small but really interesting, lots of local craft history, plenty things for the girls to pick up and touch. We mentioned the Sunter name knowing it is local to Reeth, the curator brought out a book with details of local family names, a big chunk of which was headed Sunter, a couple of photos (all farmers, and spookily all looking like Paul's family!) There was also a few obituaries, one was a Joseph Sunter, when we read it, it listed everyone who attended the funeral, including Pauls Mum and Dad, and Aunties and Uncles!!
When I have a bit more time it would be fascinating to go back, I'm sure many of the others must have been related in some way. I must try and dig up some info from Pauls parents(easier said than done).