Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back on the plot!!!!

The year has already got off to a good start, I have been working through my list of resolutions which have to be done or else.
High up there is my Allotment plot, which it has to be said I neglected a bit last year. I was being persuaded to give it up from all sides, and it made me wonder if I should do just that. Then I remembered why I took it on in the first place, Exercise, Fresh air, Organic fruit and Veg.
I went there today, and as if I needed any more reasons, this is the view from my shed..........

It was so sunny and felt warm enough to be a spring day, got a bit of digging done before I picked the girls up from school.

While I was there I even had some company, a well fed moggy who I have named Neb ( he was very nosey, which made it very difficult to take the photo )

I have been told he is a very good mouser, so he will be good to have around!!!

Had a good night last night at the Forum, thanks to everyone for coming, I shall leave you with a photo to drool over of the sticky chocolate brownies we had, (Maisy took the photo, and I think you'll agree, she did a good job!!!)