Sunday, November 19, 2006

what a great weekend!!!!!

I am just recovering from a very good and busy weekend!!! Friday and Saturday I was at Hexham's Queens hall for their Christmas Craft Fair, although it was an hour's drive to get there in the early hours, it was well worth it. Friday was a bit Quiet although i seemed to do O.K. Saturday was mad, But apart from this the atmosphere was good, and it was indoors!!!!!
Today we had a family day( Saturday Paul had gone to watch Darlo play away at Lincoln, the girls had been at the farm all day) so it was lovely not to have to do anything much. It's Leia's birthday tomorrow so i've been busy baking cakes, making sure I have plenty for the knitting cafe in the evening!!!
This weekend could be the start of a great week, see you tommorrow blogging pals.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

My 15 minutes

Yes I'm back in the land of blog, escaped from the prison camp with nothing but a knitting needle and a ball of wool!!! Thanks all for sticking with me and my special blogging techniques, Now i'm free what shall I do????

Well I had my 15 minutes of fame last night at Radio Cleveland, promoting knitting everywhere, Mrs. loo roll holder even got a mention!!!
Knew fame had finally reached me, when I stepped into the streets of Middlesborough, a man came round the corner, and said 'so, are you the knitting lady?'!!!
I have been asked back, so watch this space!!!

I'm off to Hexham on Friday for a two day craft fair, so I won't be around at the market on saturday, but I'm sure to see you all onMonday evening.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Back again

Hello( she says a little sheepishly!!) . I'm back after a bit of a blogging break, well quite alot of a break actually, it has been commented on, but here I am!!!

Back again

Back again

Back again