Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Happy Birthday Mum

Hello, here at last with a belated birthday blog, with special greetings to my Mum who celebrated her 60th birthday last week.

We ( the Sunter 4), travelled down to Hereford, where Mum had rented out a converted barn for the weekend.

The rest of the family were already there, my brother with his family, my sister, and of course Mum and Dad.

The barn was amazing, very newly converted, large floor to cieling windows with views of rural Hereford. Best of all georgeous patchwork quilts hanging everywhere. I could go on but the web pictures would describe it better than I ever could:

Out side was a working farm, ......a working chicken farm, not just any old chicken farm though, they supply eggs to the likes of Harrods, and Buckingham palace!!!

Being nosey had to go and investigate this is what I found:

O.K. so they did look a little 'Hen pecked', but they had plenty of space to run around outside, and otherwise were well looked after. (Bit freaky when hundreds of pairs of eyes are looking your way, anyone seen 'chicken run'?)

...and this is what they made!!!!!!

Leia in eggy heaven.