Monday, July 31, 2006

Took the kids to a P.O.W. camp!!!!! (but had to bring them home)

Feeling much better today, so we went out for a family day out. We went off to Harperly Hall,with the plan to see the military vehicle display, although, driving past Paul was quite disappointed with the 'appalling lack of massively tooled up vehicles' (his words not mine!!).
So we headed straight to the prisoner of war camp, which I had seen on the BBC's Restoration programme a few years ago, (then a derelict collection of buildings ready to be demolished)
The first Buildings we saw had been restored and used as sales outlets, garden centre, craft shops, gift shop and restraunt. All this was obviously funding the rest of the restoration project. The girls had spotted the adventure play ground, so, they burnt off a little energy before we looked around the rest of the site.
There was a 1940's house which I thought was fascinating, mostly for the textiles, the bed coverings, the hooky mats and the clothing.
We then had a guided tour of the rest of the site, we had a talk, saw a short film then were taken to a couple of the huts, one of which had been transformed into a mini Theatre, with a stage and orchestra pit, made by the prisoners. I could go on but my descriptions wouldn't do any justice, so you will have to go and see for yourselves, it was certainly well worth a visit.(The girls lost intrest after a while, but they did enjoy the play ground!!!!)

Saturday, July 29, 2006

lost the will to knit

I have spent the past few days, in bed with tonsilitus. worse than the pain, the inability to swallow and missing a day at the market, I can't muster up enough energy or desire to pick up my pins!!!!
I've been able to do a little crochet, so that has saved my sanity, but it is so frustrating, all this knitting time...I could have done loads!!!
Anyway I'm on the mend so I'll soon be back on track.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

getting hooked!!!

I started my first crochet project today!!! As I promised myself, I am determined to master the art of crochet by the end of the summer.I have only ever made 'Granny' squares before, and never read a crochet here goes!
A simple bag pattern, in nice bright summery pink. If I can remember how to do it you may even get pictures!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Photos at last!!!

Came back from wool fest yesterday....Wow, had such a great day, if only I knew how to post photos I would be able to show all of my lovely purchaces!!! I could quite easily have stayed for another day, but had to get back to do a craft fair today.

Hartlepool Marina festival....... We had our tables set up outside mainly because there was hardly any space inside, although this ment we had quite a good spot and saw more of the events going on, lots of music and dancing on a small stage just opposit us. There was no shade at all where we were, and I am now 'glowing' with sunburn.
Saw a few familiar faces, and quite a few who had read about the knitting cafes in the papers, met the owner of a local wool shop who was very friendly and would like to stay in touch.
The event was pretty much killed of by 4.00 thanks to the football everyone slowly packed up and went home by 5.
Very tired now, back again to Hartlepool tomorrow, What a busy week end!!!!