Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Losing the plot !!!!

I have not posted for ages, mainly because I have been far too busy with entertaining the girls through the school summer holidays. I have been 'making', but only as a means to retain my sanity. and not nearly as much as I would like.
Now the girls are back at school, and I should have more time to weave, I find myself worrying about my new Term of teaching at the Arts centre. I now have three courses on the go (weaving, felting and Tapestry weaving as well as 'in stitches' the monthly knitting cafe) No matter how many years I have been running workshops it still sends me into panic when I think the first day back.(just like being back at school).Will it ever feel any easier?
The tile of this blog refers to me giving up my allotment garden after six years, a hard decision for me but the right one. One less thing to worry about!!
No pictures today, it takes me far too long to post pictures, and I need to do some weaving, (it's good for the soul). I will put some pictures on next time.


Blogger skiingweaver said...

Boy do I ever sympathize about summer being hectic with kids around... Hooray for school! (LOL) Can't wait to see your new weaving projects...

1:18 AM  
Blogger Vintage Amethyst said...

It was lovely to see you the other week at The Art Centre.
I noticed you were doing a lot of courses as I'd picked up one of the brochures, hope they are all going well. I really admire you for doing this as it really is something I could never do, I'm such a scaredy cat!
Glad to hear you are so busy though.
Ta ta for now
Alison x

2:21 PM  

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