Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

My last post was us in the snow. I'm keen to get another one posted before it stays there too long(last years snowmen stayed there all year!)
I have been very busy the last few weeks, and I will be for a few more too. I have Been involved with High Coniscliffe school's Art week. I was the textile artist, for the week and we made a felted banner for the schools reception area.
The girls were off school for half term last week. Much of it was spent winning rosettes at pony club. But we also went to the Botanic gardens in Durham. It was a frosty start, but gradually it warmed up. I had issued them with a sketch book each, to keep them busy, and it worked. I was surprised at how focused they were. We fed the fish in the green house (it was much warmer in there!) then had a half term treat in the cafe.

On Friday we went to seven stories book museum in Newcastle. There was an exhibition of Lauren Childs work (Charlie and Lola) I love the way she uses collage and scraps of fabrics to build up pictures. Also an exhibition of Judith Kerr's work and life story(Mog, and The tiger who came to tea). The images were so familiar to me, it was wonderful to see original art work of her illustrations. Her own story was just as interesting, she was a Jewish refugee who had to escape Nazi Germany as a child.

And now I am looking forward to my next project. I will be working with Middleton st. George hospital, creating a mural, again it will be felted. I have spent the past week dying pieces of prefelt. I have some designs prepared but I will post them when I am further into the project. I am quite excited and a little nervous about the whole thing!!