Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!

Well O.K. the year isn't really that new by now,but it is my first blog of the year, and my first chance to pass on my seasonal wishes.
I have just spent a couple of hours digging at the allotment.The ground was probably too wet to be working on but I was determined to make a start. I feel great now, it's always a good way to get the endorphines (have I spelt that right??) flying!!
Term has begun at the arts centre, both my courses (Weaving and felting)are fully booked up and everyone has turned up eager to be creative. Some of them are even coming along to the Knitting cafe on friday!!!
This term for weaving we are making tea towels, I never realised how many different patterns there were, so I have been busy making up samples.( I shall post some pictures when my camera is behaving it's self)

Heres to another busy year of making stuff!!!