Saturday, December 06, 2008

Janet Bolton

I have just come back down to earth from a fantastic weekend of creative indulgance. My Mum and I had been planning to go on a course together for many years, but life, Kids, and illness had always managed to get in the way.
So we took the plunge, and decided on a course a West Dean college, Sussex, Only 10 miles from my parents house. Janet bolton had always been an inspiring craft artist to me, and also suited mum's style of work too!
The weekend started on Friday evening, with an slide show introduction of her work, it was quite apparent at this stage that I was on the right course and I was going to have a great weekend, Janet came across as a clearly tallented but unassuming character, who liked to break the regular rules of stitching.
Saturday and Sunday we were able to have a go for ourselves, with a big basket of fabrics, plenty of buttons thread and Janets encouraging words, we were off!!
Her mantra of 'Being true to yourself' was very helpful, and we must have taken it on board, as all of our finished pieces were very personal and individual.
There were eight of us in the group and we got on really well. we were all very keen to get our heads down and work, and had to be dragged away when it was a break.
The meals were fantastic, West Dean has it's own walled garden, much of the produce ended up on our plates!! And I've never had so many puddings in my life!!
Best of all was the time I spent with my Mum, a very special time indeed.We will be talking about this weekend for a very long time.
I will post some more pictures soon of my finished work, The gardens, and West Dean Tapestry studios.