Monday, March 31, 2008

The weavers children have no scarves!!!

Unless, that is, they weave their own!!
Yesterday, I spent a lazy sunday morning in my weaving shed, Eventually followed by the girls (who don't think it's right that mum should be by herself when there is crafting to be done).
I was just about to put a warp on my loom, Leia was fiddling with my spinning wheel, Maisy was busy choosing the colours she liked from my wool stash, and had selected a beautiful range of pinks, all in different thicknesses and textures.
I started to show Leia how to use the spinning wheel properly, but she realised it was harder than it looked, she did manage to spin a lovely thick slubby yarn but got bored, and went back to the house, with Dad.
Maisy was still arranging the yarns, and really enjoying playing with different colours, so I got her to choose her favorites and made her a warp for a scarf, as they were quite thick yarns, it didn't take very long at all to warp up, and we were weaving in no time.Her legs wern't quite long enough to reach the peddles, so I had to do that bit while she concentrated on the weaving. It was great watching her choosing which colour to weave with next, no logical order, but it worked!!!
When Maisy's concentration had run out Liea was back again, and helped me to finish the weaving.
The scarf was off the loom the fringe was twisted, and the ends were sewn in.
Although it took the best part of the day, and a whole lot of patience, the result was so much better than I could have planned for myself. I get too caught up with how thing 'should' be done, and it was a joy to see the work evolving because Maisy liked the way it looked.
I will look forward to working with my co- designer again soon!!!